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Lady Magic Logo's  


Below are all of the Lady Magic logo's past and present!

Regular Use Logo's 

Classic 1st Generation Logo

1983-1990 (Retired)

In the days prior to computer generated graphic arts, our original logo was drawn by hand. Hence, the only representation left of that first logo is this pin. The 1st generation colors were Columbia Blue, Maroon and Gray - a combination of the

two teams whose merger created

Lady Magic!

 2nd Generation Logo


When Lady Magic roared back to life in 2000 after a brief hiatus, a new logo with new colors replaced those of the 1st generation. The logo was updated for the new millinium and the color scheme changed to Red, White and Navy Blue.

 2nd Generation Linear Logo


3rd Generation Logo


This 3rd Generation Logo is a derivitive of the Lady Magic 30th Anniversary logo. Whereas the anniversary logo included all previous colors, the 3rd generation logo uses just the Red, White and Navy Blue color scheme of the 2nd generation.

3rd Generation Linear Logo


Limited Edition Logo's

National Championship Logo

2008-2009 (Retired)

These logo's was designed to commemorate Lady Magic's first National Championship in 2008. The design was used primarily for spirit wear and patches were made and sewn onto the uniforms the team wore that August day in Owensboro.

Those uniforms were subsquently presented to each team member as they graduated Lady Magic.



30th Anniversary Logo

2013 (Retired)

This logo was designed to commemorate Lady Magic's 30th Anniversary. The design incorporated colors from the 1st and 2nd generation Magic teams and was used only for the 2013 season.



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